Ischa Abraham


This website is used to host my personal internet services, such as my email server, calendar/contacts/todo server and a terabyte of cloud storage. This particular page is itself managed and published using git hooks.

If you are looking to work with me, you can refer to my CV.

About me

I'm a freedom loving computer science graduate. I've been programming ever since I first laid hands on a computer and it has been great fun. At the moment I'm into the Rust programming language. I also like coding in Python a lot. On top of that, I'm involved with algorithmic cryptocurrency trading and interested in crypography more generally.

I believe software should be like any good tool: it should last a long time, it should help you fix things, and it should itself be easy to fix. The best software is clean, minimal, easy to understand for anyone, and helps the user gain more independence.

If you are interested in my work, you can find some of what I do on my GitHub page.


You can contact me via email at
Additionally, I'm also available on (in order of preference):